idk what to think about Tell Me Why, the new game from LiS's studio

Mais j'茅teins mes alarmes dans mon sommeil ou quoi

Juste pour savoir, vous avez pass茅 environ combien de temps 脿 passer le code + le permis 脿 suivre ?

Boots appr茅ci茅s

kinda sad too that the more an artist gain fame and popularity (which is a good thing!!) the less their performances are accessible

well maybe they're more accessible for wheelchair users but every other disability? get fucked

now i'm sad because i want to go to an hozier's concert with friends

hey friends, anyone know of any artists making desk calendars for 2020? i want something besides my journal that i can just glance at easily, and would prefer supporting an indie!

@Miriboi gods i wish i could go to one of his concert (bonus in gay company)

@Miriboi i know
i hyperfixated on the lesbian version for a while (coupled with Talk)

j'en ai marre, quasi tous les jours depuis une semaine j'ai les larmes qui me font piquer les yeux

j'ai laiss茅 ma bouteille dans le couloir mais je peux plus me relever y a Nova sur moi :/

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