why did i chose german anyway? i can't remember

i know i specifically Not chose spanish bc it's too closely associated with highschool for me (and i suck at those stupid r) (why do u have r just put jotas everywhere please) and discard italian bc i've had friends learning both and complaining of mixing up the two all the time and considering my own shitty memory it'll probably be even worse

and almost anything else feels so much harder to learn bc widly different from french and it's script and structure and i'm afraid of sucking too much at prononciation

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@Sapphaos i did chose spanish in highschool tho. and people who chose italian and german had school trips but not us for some reason

@sempervirenx uh sucks :( i loved the spain school trips (wish i had the england ones... Freaking middle school change...)

@Sapphaos i had the england ones bc i was in the "pre-euro" class but yeah other kids that weren't anf had spanish as their second language didn't have a school trip
A few hopped on our trip and the italy trip but that's it

@sempervirenx well for me it's that my first middle school did it in quatrième and second one did it in cinquième

Guess when did i change school...

Also never had italy trip even though i've taken latin :(

@Sapphaos yikes
it was in troisième i think for us :thaenkin:

and erratum, we didn't have italian options i mixed it up with the latinists (who did have a trip to italy and had a couple of spanish class kids to come to, my middle sister did when she went to middle school)

@Sapphaos we had a report to make tho and were staying in families whereas the other trips were full chilling and staying at hotels

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