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Btw any #Disabled trans folk, especially wheelchair users 鈾, or even other mobility aids users would be nice to meet as well! I'd feel less alone.

Let's be mutuals if you want and use CWs, plus if we have some interests in common! Let me know what you like if you feel like it! :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

I'll read your answers as soon as I wake up. Have a good day or night, fedi friends! Love y'all

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:boost: Boosts appreciated! :boost:

Hi everyone! I still have a few of my Inktober drawings up for sale and figured I'd make a new toot :D
Prices range from 15鈧 for the tiniest ones to 50鈧 for the Big Purple Piece (everything else is below 50) + shipping, via PayPal (or bank transfer if you're in France, to your liking)!
If you'd like additional info, hit me up! I'll keep this toot updated if some of them are sold :happey:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Looking for some people to follow with common games to chat with!! Current interests are: Satisfactory, Dead by daylight, FFXIV, DELTARUNE, started playing Deep rock galactic recently!!! Boosts appreciated and get you a kiss on the cheek if u want鈥!!!

Nous sommes aujourd鈥檋ui le Quintidi 05 Messidor de l鈥檃n CCXXX (230)
Nous c茅l茅brons le Mulet

when boss fight music has a choir at the climax 馃憣 馃挴

Qqun aurait test茅 des tapis rafraichissants pour animaux et m'en conseillerait un ou plusieurs ? Sur Zooplus, Amazon, en supermarch茅, ou Bricomarch茅 par exemple.
Je pars longtemps la journ茅e pour bosser et le chat doit vraiment crever de chaud 馃ゲ馃惐馃敟 (on est sous les toits..)

Mais comme tout 莽a m'a bien cass茅 les couilles et que je suis pas du genre 脿 juste ronchonner dans mon coin :


Vous 锚tes et/ou connaissez des personnes trans en surpoids ? Vous avez v茅cu un gatekeeping similaire, ou d'autres probl猫mes relatifs 脿 l'interaction de votre transitude et de votre poids, et seriez pr锚 脿 travailler 脿 de la sensibilisation ?
-> Contactez-moi ici, sur Twitter, ou via Discord
Faites passer le mot

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