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#dustyart #mermay #ink #art
Due to lack of internet, description ils as follow :
A mermay Seen through two circles one above the other

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Help me afford new glasses! Boosts welcome 

Hey there, I鈥檓 replacing my glasses and will need to pay 260鈧 for them.

This isn鈥檛 very urgent because I鈥檒l be able to afford it either way, but some help would allow me to pay it in full once and have it have an impact on my fragile finances that would be easier to manage.

Consider helping if you can and want! But if you have more important places to put your money at please prioritize that.

Thank you!

it's itch creator day which means it is a good day to buy my game about (falsely?) claiming to have done a murder

Just a heads-up that I'm making all my books pay-what-you-want for Creator Day tomorrow!

馃摎 馃拃 馃枻 馃懟 鉁

You can get my spooky-sweet stories of necromancy and secret libraries completely for free, or if you decide to pay more, I will get 100% of the royalties! 馃槷

Sale starts Friday 14 May at midnight PT / 8am BST and lasts 24 hours.

probably won't make a lot of use of those 800+ brushes but i like this lil sketch i did when i tested some of them out!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Question for folks who use screen-readers:

On a website or document, how would you prefer people to format a logical progression, for example in a software menu?

I often use the "greater than" symbol, like so: File > New > Text Document.

I've used in the past the arrow mad of two characters "->", but I suspect that might be appalling for screen-readers...

Which one(s) of these options do you prefer? Or something else as a reply if you want.

Boosts appreciated.

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