Did someone read the new Kick-Ass reboot ?
What did you think of it ?
Reboost apprecited :blobbook:

One thing I love about Vainglorious (a good webcomic with good art by @kellysketches) is that all of the non-human characters are very very excitable all the time and it is adorable.


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Momentum has died down on our campaign to help four families of color in West Philly who were scammed out of housing and all the money; but the campaign doesn't end until Tomorrow at 8:00pm. We've raised a good amount but we could still make a bigger impact by raising more! If we can raise $8250 then there will be more remaining after GoFundMe subtracts their fees and it will make it easier to find housing within budget quicker

So please chip in, donate, and share it around!!


Spotify had a breach this morning. Log in, reset your passwords first, then force a log out of all locations.

At least 4,000 accounts affected with passwords exposed in plain text. Don't risk it.

Voix ambiguë d'un cœur qui au zéphyr préfère les jattes de kiwis

#inktober 17
I really concentrated on this one today, and yet I still managed to smudge a wet part 🤣
Also, before anyone saddens me, it's not a tentacle.
#mastoart #inktober2018

I still haven't edited my trip pictures... but here's some pictures from walking from work to the parking lot today...
Slowly slowly getting to know #darktable

Bonjour mastodon, j'ai une amie MtF (pas encore sur masto, mais joignable via discord) aux alentours de Dijon qui est un peu en galère de fringue.

Elle peut donner plus d'informations sur l'adresse ses mensurations et ce qui l’intéresse, etc si besoin.

Si certain·e·s veulent se débarrasser de leurs fringues féminins, elle est preneuse.

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