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y a Miri qui subit mes "i need to EVERYTHING about X stuff or else I feel like I can't understand it" déso bro

New bracelet is done. I've worked so hard on it but I'm really glad about the result. Can you spot the reference? 😊

storyboards r so fucking funny these r the best Alejandros I've ever drawn skhdkshsks (he's @sempervirart 's OC)

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‪On continue de terraformer Hateno + on profite de Pollux !‬

confinement / food (shitpost) 


I made a Coloring Book for my DnD Monster Inktobers! I LOVE how these guys turned out! They are absolutely available for sale on my Etsy now!

If you’ve ever wanted to buy work from me, now is a VERY good time as all of my conventions for this season have been cancelled! Purchasing through my etsy is the main way I’m making a living atm and it helps a lot!
#art #mastoart #coloringbook #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #illustration #monsters #artforsale #etsy

confinement / covid related, courses 

Au moins twitter insta et tumblr tu peux lire sans avoir un compte (à moins que ça ait changé?)

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les liens vers des trucs facebook, the bane of my existence

Un site qui regroupe tous les articles, tutos etc... sur les "écrans anti postillons", les masques buccaux quoi...

Mis à jour quotidiennement. Je ne connais pas les médecins en question.

#masque #masquebarrière #masquebucal #écranantipostillons #diy #faitmain #handmade

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