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ah merde j'ai mangé mais j'ai zappé de prendre un cachet

bon bah tant pis on va attendre

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stop trying to murder me with your biggass pills and biggass capsules it's not my fault i need strong doses ffs

also when will they make pills that are actually easy to swallow

like it's fine it doesn't hurt much but it makes it even more impossible to do anything and/or focus

can my head stop aching and my brain start working


it won't be even a day so i should be fine

FUCK i forgot to go to the drugstore. hope i'll be able to go monday morning before i get withdrawal symptoms

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i have answers to uh make? but my brain is just doing its own thing

i think the heat of my (hot) water bottle is giving an headache, this body is so goddamn shitty how did i survive this long

update; i got up, turned on the lights and even got a slice of bread

faudrait que je me lève allumer la lumière mais y a Nova sur mes jambes :/

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i wanna sleep in a soft bed with soft cushions

i mean, i can't sleep soft bed or not, naps are a no-no

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