@strawberry 's oc ghost
i had to try drawing him..! i really like his design

Scandales politiques autours des Prides (France) Show more

Scandales politiques autours des Prides (France) Show more

Today was my first opportunity to test out a new lightning trigger by MK Controls. It works!



I would like to properly introduce my tall robot child, Ghost. I'm really proud on getting a fullbody design for him lol

#mastoart #robot #characterdesign

update: franchement ça passe pour pioncer

i'm so out of it i have no idea what i was supposed to do today or like anything else
i just wanna eat

kimetsu no yaiba ep11 (spoilers? it's a screen of tanjirou's face tho) Show more

(i got scared bc the site i'm watching it on said season1 only had 12 episodes and it wouldn't make sense at all but animelist says 26 so i'm relieved)

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