@Sapphaos show dominance by thanking them and talking about your club penguin account and what you currently have your penguin wearing

@Frinkeldoodle sadly it is dead since 2017 so you can't do that 😔

@Sapphaos Nah, you still can, just add which club penguin private server you use (they exist!)

@Sapphaos i just assumed club penguin was a linux thing, is it not?

@Sapphaos okay like i've never been on club penguin but why would anybody be upset about the linux penguin being mistaken for club penguin club penguin had adorable designs.

@Sapphaos they say that about pokemon and hamtaro ham ham heartbreak but what do they know.

@Nine @Sapphaos because how DARE you not know who Tux, famous mascot of GNU/Linux, or as I have taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux, is?!

@mavica @Nine @Sapphaos Linux is trans, why else would its mascot be called "Tucks"

@noelle @Nine @Sapphaos something something programmer socks something something customers also bought: C++ reference guide

@mavica @Sapphaos excuse me what you call Tux is actually Tux/Penguin or as I have taken to kchaslhjfasjkflhaslkjfhasf

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