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[FR] Salut! Moi c'est Apolline, je suis une femme cis et bi Française. Je suis étudiante en informatique, et j'aime entre autres l'art, les reptiles, les lapins, les plantes...

Je suis aussi admin sur :3

[ENG] Hi! My name is Apolline, I'm a bi cis woman from France.
I'm a student in computer science, I love art, reptiles, bunnies, plants...

I'm one of the the admins here at too!

Salut à tous et toutes ! 👋

Aujourd’hui, on vous annonce quelque chose qui devrait vous plaire : nous revenons sur Mastodon, pour de vrai.

its okay to laugh at crypto nerds its never not funny

re: sky children of light 

ça y est 7 niveaux d'ailes :sunglasses_cowboy:

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Où est-ce que vous acheteriez une liseuse d'occasion ?
Mon fils aimerait en avoir une pour son anniversaire, je préfère éviter le neuf pour des raisons économiques et écologiques...

rant, DSM, sexisme 

> Le trouble de la personnalité histrionique (TPH ; anciennement hystérique)

> Little research has been done to find evidence of what causes histrionic personality disorder. […] Traits such as extravagance, vanity, and seductiveness of hysteria have similar qualities to women diagnosed with HPD.

Les critères c’est presque littéralement:

– attention whore
– salope
– instable
– superficielle
– stupide
– drama queen
– girouette

sky children of light 

bientot 7 niveaux d'aile et toujours pas fait l'œil d'eden ayo :thinkergunsunglasses_left:

hrt, skin irritation 

not sure at all this is related, but given the timing and location this might very well be

soon after starting estradiol gel (œstrodose), applying it twice a day on shoulders and arms, the skin on the inner side of elbows is very itchy and slightly red, on both arms. the remaining of the arms seem fine for now

i have not tried estradiol gel on thighs yet as my thighs are still pretty irritated from estradiol patches (switched to gel for availability and because after a few months
i started having strong local irritation because of it)

does that ring a bell to anyone?

"You are," the hooded figure whispered, "the Chosen One."
"The One to end the reign of the Dark Lord."
"The Dark Lord, long may His terror rule?"
"Yes, a-"
"Guards!" I call. "A traitor!"
Funnily, his arrest set off a chain of events that ended with the Dark Lord's death.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Does anyone have recommendations for a proper Blender “course”? I’m thinking the kind of thing you’d take in an art school, with assignments and critique. I feel like I need some guidance to properly nail down the fundamentals of 3D, as I don’t feel like I’m getting that from my current course.

To clarify: I want to improve the skillset I’d be exercising within Blender, not just my knowledge of how to use Blender.

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