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[FR] Salut! Moi c'est Apolline, je suis une femme cis et bi Française. Je suis étudiante en informatique, et j'aime entre autres l'art, les reptiles, les lapins, les plantes...

Je suis aussi admin sur :3

[ENG] Hi! My name is Apolline, I'm a bi cis woman from France.
I'm a student in computer science, I love art, reptiles, bunnies, plants...

I'm one of the the admins here at too!

okay, people who work on front-end for consumer-facing webapps, please help me understand

when the Sign In button will, by definition, be used much more often than Sign Up, why is it often hidden deep in a menu??

êtes vous vieux

L'année dernière j'avais fait un pad collaboratif de liens de créateur-ices indépendant-es pour faire des cadeaux de Noël, je repartage ça cette année!

Paint-on-glass animation is a technique for making animated films by manipulating slow-drying oil-paints on sheets of glass as the animator gradually alters the shapes they create, and during this process, a camera records each finished ‘frame’.

When adapting ONE’s Mob Psycho 100, director Yuzuru Tachikawa wanted to adapt the source material in fantastic ways. And so, by combining the talents of a skilled staff, an anime with an incredible mix of animation techniques was born.

Mob Psycho’s ending, and a good portion of the paranormal scenes are a complex product of paint-on-glass animation, done by Miyo Sato, a Tokyo University of Arts graduate and animator who has had her work nominated for multiple international animation awards.

From (original source post dead)

the "i want shorter games with worse graphics made by people who are paid more to work less and im not kidding" thing but about movies

Stop making white people the main character in supernatural/fantasy shows. "My people have been protecting this land from evil-" bitch your people have //been// the evil fuck outta here

In things I didn’t expect to learn today: apparently gender markers on passports are a result of people in the 60s and 70s fucking with gender norms and presentation so much, that the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requested that a gender marker was added to passports because:

the rise in the early 1970s of unisex attire and hairstyles, photographs had become a less reliable means for ascertaining a traveler’s sex.

Also, “fun” tidbit: there is no trace left in the archives of why they needed to know the sex of people in the first place…

(other “fun” fact: you can thank Napoléon Bonaparte for the gender marker on birth certificates apparently :/)

number 1 reason i won't restart my animal crossing island : i did the rock garden thing where you put all the rocks in one spot and never again

I wish more kpop fans would acknowledge the rampant racism in the industry instead of ignoring it. You can still like idols who did racism, you can say they've changed and support them, but you should never ignore it or let it go. Hold them to the standards they should be held to.

Prisons pour sans papiers, violences d'état 

En lutte contre les CRA !

« Dans les centres de rétention administrative, des luttes et des résistances, il y en a toujours. Ce qui manque le plus souvent c’est de la solidarité à l’extérieur, la capacité de relayer les paroles des prisonnier·e·s en lutte, de s’organiser pour les soutenir. »

Got 111 (one hundred and eleven) more MiniDiscs. That's more than I already had lol

Got them for 35€ on Facebook Marketplace, tysm to @codl for going to pick them up for me and then bringing them here!


"Toutes les crêpes ratées sont pour moi !"



Oh zut"

L'année dernière j'avais fait un pad collaboratif de liens de créateur-ices indépendant-es pour faire des cadeaux de Noël, je repartage ça cette année!

le pluriel de poisson en anglais c'est :

Je lance une partie de Tainted Grail en stream ! Je vais surement lancer une seconde run, et donc pas tout recommencer de 0 (c'est un roguelite avec une partie de l'histoire expliquée dans la 1ère run).

CW pour le jeu : body horror / gore / dark fantasy

Mais sinon c'est assez chouette et j'aime beaucoup, c'est un joli mix entre dark souls, slay the spire, et le tout avec une histoire et des personnages attachants et de beaux doublages !

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