Anyway, don't cough up 30$ for this crap, just pirate it like all the other shitty "remake".

If you really wanna give money to sqenix, idk, get NEO:TWEWY, or just play ffxiv for two month.

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re: Actraiser Renaissance - The extra shite 

And then there's the brand new addition : the raids.
Sometimes, monsters will randomly attack your town. This will put you into a tower defense like minigame, where you have to use your powers, some defenses you built, and the town's "hero" to kill waves of monsters.
This is the most basic "defense" gameplay you can imagine.
It's kinda fun the first time.
You can move the hero dude assigned to your town, he smashes shitty-looking monsters, once in a while you smite a bunch with your divine powers, it's alright.
And then you have to do it again later to progress the story. And then again. and again. And this is all in addition to the previous problem I mentionned of the game constantly interrupting your gameplay with dialogues and tutorials.
And it doesn't really get harder, it just gets longer. And the mechanics of it never really evolves past what you get in the first town.

Oh, and raids also triggers sometimes randomly outside of quest stuff. You know, as a treat.

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re: Actraiser Renaissance - The bad 

The side-scrolling part looks like absolute ass. The quality is completely random from one model to another : levels look like generic mobile game, the player looks like some weirdly upscaled ps1 model, some enemies looks really good, while most of them looks like cheap generic monsters bought off the Unity asset store.
Hitboxes are also a mixed bag. Half your attack hits and feels like they shouldn't, while the other half miss while it feels like they should hit.

In sim mode, the game CONSTANTLY interrupts you. You can't do shit without the game throwing a tutorial, a progression dialog, or a character story dialog in your face.
This calms down a bit after the first city, since the tutorials are less frequent, but is still incredibly annoying.

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re: Actraiser Renaissance - The "eh" 

The game introduces a bunch of new characters with actual personalities and lore and shit (including the angel).
They're not the most interesting or original, but still, the world feels more alive.

The sim part's new graphics make it a bit hard to see what building is at what level. It doesn't really hinder your progression, but if you used to enjoy maxing out each town in the original game, it's super annoying.

There is a quest system that tells you what to do/how to progress. It kinda takes away the feeling of trying to figure out how to improve your towns, but at the same time progression in the snes version could be a bit obtuse at times, so I understand why they introduced this.

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Actraiser Renaissance - The good 

The UI and menus looks really nice and are much friendlier than the original.
The sim part of the game looks good too (a bit "generic f2p mobile game" for my taste tho)

The remixed soundtrack is great, and even you have the option to switch to the original at anytime (which sounds very clean too)

The levels have been remade and have a bit more to explore, while remaining generally similar to the original design.

The side-scrolling sections are an improvement : The controls are less clunky, your attacking moveset is much bigger than the original (invulnerable forward thrust, upward slash into ground pound, stuff like that), and while the levels retain the chaotic feel they used to have, they're much more forgiving without being straight-up easy. Same applies to the bosses.

je vis pour entendre des youtuber parler cinoche et dire "mawion cowtiyarde"

re: Doom Patrol s03e02 

AND the Brotherhood of evil ? blessed

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Doom Patrol s03e01 

Okay Madame Rouge is no brotherhood of Dada but I'll take it

re: Squid Game shitpost 

I was gonna say "I've never been that disappointed by an isekai'd-into-death-games before" but then I remembered I read Tower of God

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(je sais ça fait longtemps que j'ai pas fait de forcing mais le show est mainstream maintenant, j'ai plus besoin)

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At least now that that's out of the way I can watch Doom Patrol s03

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Squid Game, spoiler-ish shitposts 

The show was good until they introduced white people in it, coincidence I think not

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shit even Liar Game had a better "we live in a society" ending

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Squid Game, no spoilers, rant 

I'm both very impressed and very pissed

I just binged the whole thing and I've never watched a show starting so well and ending so badly

Like, the first 6 episodes are REALLY REALLY GOOD
The writing is amazing, the characters are all interesting, both the shots and the soundtrack carry tension and emotions super well, and the editing is good

And then the last 3 episodes, everything goes to shit, there's awful acting, the pacing is all over the place, the editing ruins otherwise good scenes, a bunch of side plots goes nowhere and ends on nothing, characters die for the shittiest plot-contrived reasons, and worst of all, the show keeps on going when there's nothing else to say, and everything it did a good job so far showing us through action and character development is suddenly straight-up re-explained to your face in unending monologues that feels like they're written by some edgy teen

What the actual fuck

du point de croix..... j'en fais sur commande, comptez par ex 50e pour le moumouton (il est dans un cercle de 13cm)

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