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Me going to the blacksmith with my freshly mined ore so she can upgrade my pronouns from they to she

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So yeah is now @lorolla is now gone to the shadow realm

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Si vous voulez me smash de temps en temps


Halle Berry Says She's Prepared To Play Scarlet Johansson In A New Film

re: GW2 

My fav part of WvW is when I have t6 participation and I can afk until it's gone

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People in WvW : ⚔️
Me in WvW : 🏯 🏰 🏠 🔨

tiens youtube se remet a me recommander des vidéos de math daddy

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Nobody cared who I was until I put on the fem

re: cuisine shitpost 

"Ajoutez vos poireaux dans de l'eau se sentant mélancolique devant un clair de lune, et remuez au rythme des blagues racistes de Tina Fey"

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cuisine shitpost 

c'est quoi "frémissante" ptn je veux faire cuire mes carottes pas devenir psy pour légumes

re: pol bordeaux + 

on pourrait dire que les verts ont

rempoté ces elections 🦈

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c'est quoi tous ces gens qui shipent lana del rey et j-lo je comprends pas

GW2, main story tl;dr 

"- haha ton ami Tybalt t'attends dans l'au dela"

"- qui ?"

Non plus boosted on est passé sur hand of fate 2, on recommence une partie de zéro, ça faisait trop longtemps


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predatory behaviour BS 

wait shit i broke the whole thread

It was a response to a streamer I love posting a whole novel about how people calling her out for dating a much younger fan was mean uwu it's all good now uwu

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re: self callout I guess ? predatory behaviour 

And just so we're clear : this is not a "me good, others bad" post.

I was trash. I'm not the same today, but it doesn't cancel what I've done.

I've just been lucky I was able to deal with my mistakes before someone else called me out on it, that's it.

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