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I approve followers manually because I fucking hate follow bots.

I kinda forget to check the list tho, so don't hesitate to @ me :blobcat:

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Des fois je regarde des trucs genre deepfriedmemes et je me dis "internet part en sucette" et après je regarde mes propres photoshops et je relativise

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18 ans de Magic System et j'arrive toujours pas à placer Abidjan

Aujourd'hui en écrivant de la javadoc j'ai découvert que je suis incapable d'écrire /** du premier coup

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When women make a broad generalization about men*, stop before you reply "but not all men".

We know.

There are two options:

1) Make the broad generalization. Some men will have to stop and self-examine to see if they actually perform the behavior being criticized. Self-examination is good.

2) Specify "some men". This gives men who DO perform the behavior the excuse to say "well they don't mean ME". Enabling failure to self-examine is bad.

h/t @gingerrroot and @c0debabe for the thought


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hey bb j'ai 5 chiffres sur mon compte (sur saltybet) on baise ?

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I've always said men are trash, and now I realize that was wrong and I'm deeply sorry

It's all cis men that are trash

Step 1 : All In on a Moogle
Step 2 : Back to the salt mines

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