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Si vous voulez me smash de temps en temps


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I approve followers manually because I fucking hate follow bots.

I kinda forget to check the list tho, so don't hesitate to @ me :blobcat:

Tired : 'Apex Legends Is Turning You Transgender'

Wired : 'I'm Already Tracer'

MDR deadmau5 qui chouine en mode "ouin ouin les SJW" parce qu'il s'est fait ban de Twitch

What's your go-to pickup line on dating apps ?

Mine's "It's written on my profile"

Imagine t'es libriste mais trop con pour pouvoir lire de l'inclusif

Indiana Jones But The Lore Makes Even Less Sense Than Kingdom Hearts

La Mulana (4)

Lemme whip out my stream real quick (lol ta kompri)

La Mulana 2 (l'épisode 2, pas La Mulana 2)

PS append to your Google searches to exclude Pinterest results. Boost to save a life

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