Bon, y'a pas moyen de trouver un pansement tatouage spécial baignade ? je voudrais bien squatter une piscine moi ce WE

D'ailleurs si vous avez des playlists (spotify /youtube , pas deezer car j'ai pas) et que vous souhaitez partager je suis preneur

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30min avant d'aller au lit : portable à 45%
quand je vais au lit : portable à 55%

Quand je me réveille : portable à 0% mais wtf bro

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So, I totally randomly found a company that really seems to have forked #YunoHost and sells it (or a package that includes it) and probably also the Internet Cube :|

Like they have this github organization full of YunoHost's apps and some of them are really looking like copy/pasta of the official ones (without keeping the original authors and commits)

And apparently this is how they are selling their stuff :D #YunoHost

I guess we should also talk like that to get so much sweet money x)

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